“Kile helped the people of my congregation think carefully about why they believe what they believe. Interview an Atheist at Church is a welcoming, non-confrontational event that models mutual understanding and dialogue. I’m eager to do it again.”

Rocky Supinger, Associate Pastor
Claremont Presbyterian Church


“What I call strong-benevolent faith isn’t threatened by – or threatening to – difference. Much good can come from the kind of respectful engagement promoted by the Interview an Atheist at Church Day project.”

Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/activist


“Interview an Atheist at Church Day: beyond tolerance lies understanding.”

Greta Vosper, Senior Pastor
West Hill United Church of Canada


“Interview an Atheist at Church Day breaks down the barriers and crashes stereotypes. We are honest about our differences but surprised at what we share in common.”

John Shuck, Senior Pastor
Southminster Presbyterian Church


“If you pay any attention to politics, you might think a conversation between people from different sides of the aisle is impossible. But with Interview an Atheist at Church Day, we’re learning that people who are both passionate and polar opposites can both have a civil dialogue and realize that they have far more in common with each other than anyone might imagine. It’s a wonderful program that is eye-opening and interesting. I hope more churches participate in it, because I know there are many atheists who would love to dispel the stereotypes about them.”

Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist


“In many ways, the religious quest is a quest for understanding. Understanding ourselves. Our neighbor. And of course, the deepest and most perplexing questions of the meaning of human existence in the universe. This means atheists and people of faith have reason to talk, because what links us together is a quest for deeper understanding. I’m grateful for our conversation at First Church. It made a difference in all our lives.”

R. Scott Colglazier, Senior Minister,
First Congregational Church of Los Angeles


“Agreeing to participate in Interview an Atheist at Church Day with a pastor in Jackson, Mississippi was how I officially “came out” as an atheist in the first place. I started blogging as Godless in Dixie the same week, and after two years of writing I still receive more positive feedback from that one interview than for anything else I’ve done or written since then because in that interview we modeled how a respectful “interfaith” dialogue could take place between an atheist and a Christian.”

Neil Carter, Godless in Dixie


“The great thing about Interview an Atheist at Church Day was that we grew in comfort with one another. We discovered that most of us weren’t all that different, and the friendships we began with Sarah and Cody, the atheists we interviewed, continue to this day.”

Drew Ludwig, Senior Pastor
LaFayette Presbyterian Church


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