Our Interview Videos

Kile Jones at Claremont Presbyterian Church

An interview between Caroline Hamilton-Arnold (Pastor) and Kyle Thompson (Atheist)

A written interview between Pastor Brian Tubbs of Olney Baptist Church and atheist Andrew Torres.

A blog by Pastor Morgan Guyton calling atheists to dialogue (for Interview an Atheist at Church Day).

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Recent Media

Kile Jones is interviewed about the project on The Humanist Hour here.

Pastor Rocky Supinger writes on the project here.

Gretta Vosper mentions the project here.

The project is mentioned on RichardDawkins.net here.

Kile Jones is interviewed by Pastor John Shook on Religion for Life here.

The Friendly Atheist writes about our first interview here.

Buffalo Rising, a news source out of Buffalo, NY, talks about us here.

Kile Jones has a post in The Interfaith Observer about the project here.

Kile Jones writes about the project on the Feminism and Religion blog here.

The Friendly Atheist did another write up on us located here.

Stephanie Zvan blogs about the project at Freethought Blogs here.

Neil Carter writes about his interview on his blog Godless in Dixie here.

Mississippi Atheists wites about the project here.

Pastor Doug Pagitt writes about the project on his blog here.

Pastor Drew Ludwig blogs about the project here.

The Banner, an online news source for the Christian Reformed Church, talks about our project here.

Bob Seidensticker writes about his upcoming interview here.

Kile writes about the project on Patheos here.

Progressive Christianity writes about us here.

West Hill United, a Church in Canada, writes about the project here.

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Pastors Blogging About Us

Gretta Vosper, Pastor of West Hill United in Toronto, Canada, blogs about us here.

Randy A. Philips, Pastor at Emmanuel Bible Church in Seattle, blogs about meeting the atheist he is interviewing May 5 here.

Drew Ludwig, Pastor at Lafayette Presbyterian Church in Buffalo NY, blogs about the interview he will conduct on May 5 here.

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National May 5 Interview an Atheist at Church Day


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On the Friendly Atheist


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